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CEC Institute hosts English language camps, for elementary and middle school students from overseas. The study Tour runs for three weeks and is held twice a year in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The CEC English Study Tour Program focuses on the development of English language skills, both those previously acquired, as well as those skills that will be required for traveling in and around South East Queensland (Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast). Participants are exposed to intensive high quality English teaching as well as participating in exciting recreational activities, which capitalize on the opportunity to acquire, and consolidate language skills. A very high level of pastoral care is provided for all students involved in the program.

กแ  The program prioritizes the value and purpose of English language education.
กแ  A Flexible, student-orientated language program, which considers and incorporates student age, interest areas and level of connitive skill.
กแ  First in the world to include a Choral Speaking Competition in an English language program and provide dedicated Choral Speaking classes to assist the students in developing improved English articulation, word and phrase clarity and confidence in speaking English.
กแ  Provides an educational opportunity that combines English language study with recreational activities, such as exploring the natural environment of Australia.
กแ  After a placement test students will be assigned a class appropriate to their current language proficiency.
กแ  Twenty-four hour supervision, by a combined teaching staff of native English speaking Australian and Korean teachers, will provide an effective language-learning environment for young students.
กแ  Students who complete the language study program will a receive certificate, study results and an evaluation report.
กแ  Fees compare reasonably with America and England.
กแ  Optional programs, such as a 'Golf Study Program' and 'Music Instrumental Program', offer alternative teaching mediums and are available to students at affordable rates.

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