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The staff consists of native English speaking teachers, recreational activity teachers and resident supervisors (for the 24-Hour Intensive English Study Tour).

For English classes, all students will be taught and supervised by experienced educators with relevant tertiary qualifications. These teachers will not only teach the specially developed English curriculum, but they will also be cognizant of the age, interests and abilities of the students.

All students will be expected to spend time with their native English speaking recreational activity teachers every day. The recreational activity teachers will be responsible for supervision of students during the recreational activities and they will also coach the students in sports. All recreational activity teachers are tertiary students, studying for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in English related courses or teaching.

For the 24-Hour Intensive English Study Tour, where students stay at a boarding college, several of the recreational activity teachers will be resident supervisors and will assist students with all activities, including their English study, each evening. Resident supervisors are responsible for student safety and well being during various activities carried out within the college.

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