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English language lessons are conducted daily, for both the 24-Hour Intensive English Study Tour and the English Study Tour - Homestay. Lessons are held each weekday morning until the lunch break. This is followed up during the evening when students participate in supervised study of their lesson materials.

The English classes emphasize the development of productive communication via a dedicated attention to the four macro skills of listening, writing, reading and speaking. Classes are taught by professional educators with qualifications and experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) programs.

Lessons will include conventional English language content (vocabulary, structures and functions). They will highlight the necessary language for functioning effectively whilst on tour, and for use during the set activities.

The language proficiency of each student, during the three weeks of lessons, will be carefully monitored and evaluated frequently. Students will receive a certificate of English proficiency at the end of the study tour.

After English classes each day, students will participate in supervised activities that encourage the use of the vocabulary, structures and functional language that they have been working with during the morning sessions. The activities have been selected to provide creative, physical, and cognitive outlets for students where they will be expected to utilize the English. Following is a list of typical venues and activities included in a study tour. In order to cater for a wide range of interests the selection of excursions is not limited to this list.

Brisbane Science Centre
Australian Zoo
Brisbane City
Warner Brothers Movie World
Australian Arts and Crafts
OZ Sanctuary
Sunshine Coast and Sleepover at Underwater World
Wet'n Wild Water World and Dive-In Movies
Qld Museum and Art Gallery
English Board Games
Movie'n Popcorn Night
Indigenous Australian Adventure
CityCat Ride and Shopping
Sports Afternoon
Mt Coo-tha and Planetarium
Gold Coast Beach and Sea World
Australian Bush Dance
Beach Games
Southbank Parkland
Aussie Cooking

A distinctive feature of the study tour options is the English Choral Speaking competition. The CEC Institute's own Choral Speaking course will underpin the teaching of choral speaking during the study period. The lessons and pieces of poetry and prose chosen will be tailored to the students' ages, interest and language capacity. All pieces will capitalize on teaching the rhythms and stresses of the English language, as well as providing a creative outlet where students develop speaking confidence and enjoyment in using the English language.

Choral speaking is not simply speech training, and the educational value of choral speaking is quickly evident when the students take part in performance. Not only does choral speaking provide essential learning of English vocabulary and structures, but it also allows students to learn English in a group situation, where the pressures to perfect English speaking, as an individual, are removed. Further, choral speaking encourages a knowledge and appreciation of English literature within a poetry and prose context.

Each day, students will be given short lessons in choral speaking and every evening they will have the opportunity to practice what they have learnt in preparation for the Choral Speaking Competition to be held in the final week of the study tour. The competition is a highlight of the English lessons and will be adjudicated by Brisbane Choral Speaking judges.

Golf Study Program
The golf study program enables students to learn to play golf with Australian PGA professionals in Australia's perfect environment and conditions. Students will be divided into groups, depending on their ability and participate in eight field lessons (1 hr 30 min/lesson). During the lessons, Australian pro golfers and Korean pro golfers (assistant instructors) will teach golf basics to students. Golf equipment for students is provided and after the completion of eight successful lessons, students will receive a certificate and video of the golf program.

Music Instrumental Program
Students can continue to learn their musical instrument while participating in the English study tour program. Experienced, professional music teachers who have majored in the instruments they are assigned to teach carry out lessons. There are 10 lessons in the program and students can choose between private and group lessons. Students can even bring their own instruments, or hire them in Australia at an affordable price. After the completion of the program, students will participate in a small concert and receive a certificate and video of the music program and the concert.

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