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David Ingram
Professor of Applied Linguistics
Director, Centre for Applied Linguistics and Languages
Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

The instructional program, designed and published by the Choral English College Institute, Brisbane, Australia, includes the core English program with comprehensive teacher guides, student class books and student home book tasks, English Choral Speaking exercises as well as communicative language teaching approaches, Total Physical Response (TPR) E-mail, Grammar, Writing, a phonics program titled Sounds-Letters-Words! and CD-ROM interactive materials with high interest activities for maximum student engagement.

The English program has been developed with various theories of language learning, intrinsically suited to the teaching situation, in mind. The course aims at allowing the student to gain a communication ability and capacity to speak English.

With the establishment of both local and international English language camps, practical field trips, English choral speaking competitions and a variety of classroom educational experiences student learning will be both profitable and allowing them to engage in real life situations and develop proficient English language skills.

Through activity based lessons, Choral English speaking competitions and activities, games, drama/chant/songs, and regular feedback, parents can testify to the linguistic progress of their children and their overall academic results throughout the semester.

The Institute will train its teacher recruits through a comprehensive professional development program to ensure that the instructional class program is taught appropriately.

With the future progress of the College's students in mind the Institute has developed a variety of projects aimed at sound, English language education. The first Korean national English choral speaking competition is indicative of this, having been a key project. This unique competition is scheduled for its inaugural opening in early 2003 and is expected to become one of the most prestigious of its kind.

The English choral speaking study method skills the student in the rhythm of English, its articulation and pronunciation, to ensure they have natural and precise English communication skills. Choral speaking activities are planned to train students to speak English as if it were their mother tongue.

Appropriate pronunciation will be improved via training of the vocal organs, and subsequent vocalization, for precise articulation. Continual practice will ensure that any mistakes or flaws are rectified. Although working in a group-learning environment, the individual student is still able to access their own progress records through the systematic feedback provided by their teacher, and implement teacher recommendations to improve their linguistic capabilities.

English Choral Speech lessons, performances and participation in competitions are, therefore, designed to stimulate a whole new area within the English education prism.

The Choral English College has developed teaching materials based around themed topics, resources, practical situations, cultural representations and assessment chosen with the aim of keeping students interested. The English course provides 120 different communicative skills, which are more detailed than the 40 communicative skills suggested by the Seventh English Curriculum Program for Korean school students. The program has subsequently been designed to ensure that the students, throughout the primary school stage, will learn two to three times more vocabulary than that of other programs.

Core English Program 3 x 90-minute lessons per week
Choral Speaking 2 x 25 minute lessons per week
Sounds-Letters-Words! 2 x 30 minute sessions per week (2 x 15 mins per session)
Total Physical Response 2 x 25 minute lessons per week - Modules 1 - 8
E-Mail, Grammar, Writing 2 x 25 minute lessons per week - Modules 9 - 16

Teacher Manual

48 Teacher's Guides

8 Teacher's Guides for Total Physical Response and additional student materials

16 Teacher's Guides for Sounds-Letters-Words!

4 student folios for Sounds-Letters-Words!

16 Teacher's Guides for Choral Speaking with additional student materials

48 Student Classbooks

48 Student Homebooks

16 Multimedia CD-ROMs

16 Audio CD-ROMs

16 Weekly Achievement Booklets

48 Big Book Stories

Incentive Award System

16 Entry/Exit Tests (Formative assessment for students enrolled in the core English course and for those seeking entry)

Additional resources including flashcards, posters, word cards, playing cards, board games

Each of the course components capitalizes on highly specific vocabulary, functions and structures. These have been chosen in line with the topics and necessary functional English requirements.

The Choral English College Institute's English course represents a new approach to teaching English to second language learners. Its design and subsequent implementation is based on current research and supports the most effective ways in which to learn English.

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