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The CECi capitalizes on the market need for English programs, teachers and related services. The teaching of English for its various purposes (e.g. school, conversation, business, tertiary entrance, teaching) is a fast growing industry. Global economies, tourism, the media and all manner of technologies demand communication in a lingua franca. English has taken on that role. Warschauer* (2000) expands upon this when he asks;

Therefore, the teaching of English will continue to be a lucrative business requiring innovative and diverse approaches to instructional methods. The notion of the 'English Village' will seek to cater to a diverse range of English instructional approaches. Nations, which aspire to economic excellence, seek to skill their citizens in English. Even emerging economies recognize the importance of English in global communication.

The Institute has taken a proactive stance in the development of high quality English teaching materials and clients are able to rely on the expertise brought to the design and development process by the Institute.

*Warschauer, M. (2000). The changing global economy and the future of English teaching. TESOL Quarterly.

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