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The CECi is located in Brisbane, Australia. The Institute has close links with tertiary institutions, English teaching colleges, academic personnel who can be called upon to develop materials, language facilities, recording studios and so on.

The CECi opened for business in 2001. The Institute employs several key personnel. The academic qualifications of these people encompass a wide range of expertise including graduate and higher degrees in linguistics and educational administration, Teaching English to Students of Other Languages, multi media design and computer programming. Substantial industry and tertiary experience, relevant to the Institute's project requirements, is evident in the staff profile.

At the height of its most recent project, which spanned twelve months, the Institute employed close to 80 staff comprising writers, graphic designers, computer programmers, multimedia specialists, music and audio/video personnel and administrative support staff.

The CECi has invested in substantial amounts of computer hardware and software as well as audio and video equipment and personnel in order that the programs developed are also technology based.

Not only has the CECi proven its abilities and capacity to develop and produce the outcomes of large, educational projects over relatively short periods of time, but it has received high praise from leading international academics and universities. The business of the CECi is unique in so much as it blends the expertise of western and Asian, cultures with relative ease. Its capacity to manage diverse groups of people e.g. writers, teachers, musicians, speech professionals, computer programmers, multimedia experts, administrative personnel, editors and proof readers as well as university academics, and to be innovative in its approaches, is a significant strength of the Institute in the carrying out of its role.

Importantly, the Institute produces materials of a flexible nature. This is a business bonus given the dynamics of English teaching and the learner's changing needs. The Institute possesses, and has utilized, the capacity to recruit personnel who are innovative and able to design programs and materials with future applications and clients in mind.

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