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The Choral English College trains all personnel who will teach the CEC English Program. Recruits are given initial training over two to three days and four professional development sessions are provided through the year. Regular evaluation of the teaching program, and frequent communication with teachers, is carried out.

The training days are intensive and cover all aspects of the requirements of English teachers for the CEC. Several aspects of teaching and living in Korea are also covered with the new recruits. The CEC English Program provides detailed English lessons across five different teaching programs. All assessment tasks and record keeping materials are provided. All the recruit has to do is teach!

The Philosophy of Choral English College and the Teaching Methodologies
Differences between English as a Second Language (ESL) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
What is a Hagwon?
Expectations of Korean Parents and Students
CEC Lesson Plans and Preparation of Resources and Materials
Teacher Responsibilities
CEC Core English Teaching Program
Total Physical Response Teaching Program
Sounds-Letters-Words! Teaching Program
Choral Speaking Teaching Program
English Writing and Grammar Teaching Program
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)


During training, recruits are given the opportunity to explore the teaching resources and lessons and to 'practice' their teaching before they go to their hagwon. Managing students is also discussed during the training period. Recruits are given some insight into what Korean students are used to, how they expect the teacher to behave and, most of all, how to manage small groups of students. Ways to strengthen the classroom management skills are investigated, as is effective communication. The CEC Incentive System is used in the teaching program and its implementation is considered during training.

The CEC English Program has inbuilt assessment with booklets for recording student progress. Entry tests and Exit Tests for the program are also provided for student placement and assessment of their progress. Teachers are trained and the implementation of these assessment strategies and tasks.

The CEC English program utilizes CD-ROM and multimedia technologies with students. How to use the CD-ROM materials is approached during the training period with an opportunity to use the CD-ROM materials. There are 32 CD-ROMs used across the program including 16 audio CD-ROMs.

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